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   Surnames of Kentucky began in March of 1996 and started out as one man's quest to find his family roots. Soon after the first page was up, there were more questions than answers ; thereafter came a query board. It became obvious that more was needed, so Kentucky’s Most Wanted Ancestors was born. 


Then while trying to solve a mystery of my own, people trying to solve their mysteries began posting. So was born Kentucky’s Unsolved Mysteries. Soon after Kentucky’s Missing Persons was set up to meet a need. 

Since SoKY was born, it has answered questions for both the users and the author of the site. 


Before moving to this server, we  had close to 639,938 visitors.

Most recently, Surnames of Kentucky Network went into action on April 1, 2000. 

This network will link all KY researchers together, thereby making it an easier and more pleasant experience for genealogy in the Great State of Kentucky.

We welcome any and all suggestions and encourage volunteers.

So please share in the experience.


Matt Woodman